How familiar are you with the glass that you are using?

Something we pride ourselves on here at Infamous Glass is offering you high-quality American made glass at affordable prices. You can rest assured that the glass you use from us is free of harmful and toxic chemicals, and won’t jeopardize your heath or well-being.

The same cannot be said for glass that is manufactured outside of the United States. Glass which is imported is usually mass produced in another country, frequently out of thin and fragile glass, and is sometimes coated with paint, which may be dangerous or unhealthy to ingest, to mimic the look of colored glass. The advantage that some people might see in this, is the fact that this glass is typically cheaper to purchase. The saying goes, however, “You get what you pay for!”

American-made glass is frequently a little bit more expensive, but the reality of this, is that American-made glass is not mass produced. This glass is typically hand-blown by an artist here in the states, and sold as a piece of art, and not just glass for functionality, like imported glass is. In addition to this, the materials that American Glass blowers use is of much higher quality and tends to be much thicker, which allows for longer lifetime and use of the piece. The glass doesn’t break as easily, therefore you don’t have to purchase as often, kind of evening the score with imported glass, price-wise.

When you purchase glass from an American company, not only are you getting a product that is much better quality, but you’re also supporting an artist and putting food directly into the mouths of their families. These glass blowers spend their time perfecting these incredible pieces, double and triple checking for functionality, precision, and overall artistic appearance. You know that feeling you get when someone comes over to smoke and you bring out your prized piece and the whole sesh of people ooh’s and aah’s at your beautiful glass? Imagine being the glass-blower who made that piece. They work hard at what they do.

Here at Infamous Glass, our slogan says, “We make it, we don’t fake it!” Make sure next time you’re after a quality piece of glass, you go with American-made. Even if it isn’t us, (which it should be!) just make sure it isn’t imported!