Infamous New Video, too weird or the right amount of weird?

As many of you have noticed, we have decided to revamp our website, give it a new look, minimal, elegant, slick.
For this purpose we partnered up with our friends from KushDolls and their creative director and head photographer MickieVulture
After a couple of meetings we decided that our website was in good hands with them. In a couple of days we started seeing the changes, a simpler navigation made for a smoother user experience, all was good in the land but then…

We knew that we needed to make an impression with our homepage, specially for people checking out our website on their computers, but then… but then we got hit with this little weird video with some weird sounds in the background, some sort of industrial, David Lynch situation… Yo! we dig it! How about you?? now… This is what we have right now, but we are always open to hear your ideas and your input, so tell us what you think in the comment section below, we might have flying cows and nak’d people running in an open field in our next video, you never know.